Hey guys! My name is Louisse and I'm a huge Alexander Skarsgård fan. This blog is solely dedicated to him. Although, from time to time I'd include posts of some of my other favorite stuff. Please enjoy!
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Saturday, 13 September 2014


Fan photos of Alex and Samuel Jackson at the game today (September 13, 2014, London):

"Good game, unfortunately only 1 point… Next game on Tuesday! But it was nice to meet Samual Jackson after the game! "

-Podolski10 twitter

"At the game today with Alexander Skarsgard and @samuelljackson."

-theowalcott @ instagr.am

"Met two film icons after the game today, @SamuelLJackson and Alexander Skarsgård."

-aaronramsey twitter

"Am long way away but that is Samuel L Jackson having his photo with Theo Walcott. #not the best photo." 

-markchapman twitter

"Good game today. Gutted we didn’t get the 3 points though. Nice to meet one of my acting idols as well after the game…. Mr Samuel L Jackson!"

-alexoxchamberlain @ instagr.am

‘Sons of Anarchy': Meet the actor Jax tortured on season 7 premiere | EW.com


If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy‘s season 7 premiere, stop reading now. If you have, you’ve probably found yourself wondering about the actor who played Chris Dun, the Lin Triad member Gemma framed for Tara’s murder. It’s the first and only appearance for 32-year-old Tim Park on the show, but it sets the final season in motion. Not that he knew that when he landed the part.

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