Hey guys! My name is Louisse and I'm a huge Alexander Skarsgård fan. This blog is solely dedicated to him. Although, from time to time I'd include posts of some of my other favorite stuff. Please enjoy!
i want t̶o̶ you

That is the greatest thing anyone has said to me. Thank you, anon!

Ahhhhh can't wait for THE GIVER on theatres!!!!!! X_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I can’t wait either! I hope it shows in my country!

Monday, 18 August 2014


Alex and pals, including Alexander Stocks, at the Way Out West Festival 2014 (August 9, 2014).

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…..Eric Northman doesn’t need a car. Every time a woman wants to bang him he gets shot of magical rocket fuel. He’s like a lust fueled tinkerbell. 

haha… click on each gif to read the captions

the captions. LOL

"Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne"
Ginger (True Blood)


waiting patiently for Alexander Skarsgard to do the ice bucket thingy …… shirtless


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